Come and join our children’s parliament, you will be surprised what it is all about.

In our children’s parliament we talk about current topics the children are interested in, what the children have experienced recently, how the felt about specific events, anything that is on their mind.

Our goals with the children’s parliament are to encourage the children to speak infront of the group, talk openly about their feelings and opinions. They learn, they are an important part of their group, but also need to respect and accept the opinion of others. Only if we work together as a group, we can achieve anything.

Children train their social skills through considering the feelings of others. They enhance their language skills while communicating with others. We practice being brave and opening up to the group about our feelings and opinions and exercise the self-help skills.

Partizipation in our everyday life is important to us, because it is a form of appreciation towards the children and helps them with their personal development.

Ihre Kinder liegen uns am Herzen

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