Frequently Asked Questions

To help you more directly and faster, we have put together your most frequently asked questions and our answers for you. Please do not hesitate to contact us for further information.

Our hot lunches are prepared and delivered everyday by a local traditional coffee shop business called `Jindrak`.
Lunch is served in a quite and calm atmosphere, with emphasis on table manners.
Wird bei einer Mahlzeit Schweinefleisch angeboten, werden immer Alternativen dazu angeboten, gibt es immer eine Alternative dazu.
Don´t worry, you will be amazed at how quickly you´re child can grasp a new language!
We like to keep active here at the English Playschool, so weather permitting, we visit local parks and playgrounds within the local vicinity. Planned trips are also arranged to the forest, or zoo etc, suitable to the children’s needs.
There are currently 23 children in each group with 2-3 keyworkers and a native English speaker.
English and German are the spoken languages here at the English playschool. Of course, English is emphasized, but we also value the importance of the German language.
The leading keyworker will care for your child throughout the whole duration of your child’s placement here at the English playschool. There may be a change of keyworker or native speaker.
The keyworkers and native speakers of the mixed aged groups, remain the same for the whole duration of your child’s placement.
However, once a year, new pupils join these groups as the pre-schoolers leave to start primary school.
Our doors are open from 7.15, children arriving between 7.15 and 7.45 meet and greet each other in one specified room. At 7.45 the children are met by their main keyworker and are taken to their group rooms. From 7.45, parents can bring their children directly to their group room to meet and greet their main keyworker.
To enable your child sufficient time for settling in before the main programme begins, we kindly ask that all children arrive by 8.30.
Morning collection times are between 11.45 – 11.55, if your child does not require lunch.
Afternoon collection times start from 12.30, the playschool closes at 5pm.
Please allocate adequate time when collecting your child, to enable him/her time for clearing things away or to complete any tasks they might be engaged in.
No. We don´t have a nap routine, however if you wish for your child to do so, adequate arrangements can be made.

Here at the playschool, our waiting list operates on a “first come, first serve” basis. The English Playschool is unique in this vicinity, and therefore placements here are very much sought after.
Please register your child as soon as possible, to avoid any disappointment (some children have been registered even before they were born!)
If for any reason a place does become available during the year and your child is attending the “Afternoon team group”, you will be offered the next available morning placement for your child.

Don´t be discouraged by the waiting list, often places become available quicker than you think!