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At this time of year, our kindergarten is enjoying this beautiful festive season –singing a lot of Christmas carols, reading Christmas stories, visiting the cathedral,making special Christmas cards and beautiful ornaments. The children are quite excitedthat they even know exactly how many days are left until Christmas. We’ve already had this Christmas

CHRISTMAS IS COMING SOON!2023-01-04T07:59:23+01:00



This year’s project in Middlegroup is all about “HEALTH” and we thought it would be a good start to the kindergarten year to bake our own healthy bread. We had fun mixing all our healthy ingredients together and decorating our own little bread rolls with either a heart or a diamond

BAKING OUR OWN HEALTHY BREAD…2022-10-17T14:52:15+02:00

ATG Blog


As summer has arrived there are plenty of fruits and vegetables growing in the fields and also in the ATG! The ATG children took some Tomato seeds and planted them in a big pot. Every day the children watered and observed the plant, noticing its subtle changes which inspired the

ATG Blog2022-07-20T10:10:40+02:00



This month we welcomed some temporary additions to the group. The advanced children hatched some eggs into chicks and watched them grow out of their baby fluff into their feathers. We took great care of them, cleaning them, feeding them, looking out for them and also giving them space until they

ADVANCED APRIL2022-04-07T10:31:17+02:00



During the Semester break, we had the opportunity to have a gym lesson in the school gym room of the Akademische Gymnasium. The Aunties prepared fun games and stations for the groups with all the equipment that is usually used for artistic gymnastics. You would be surprised what our Playschool Aunties

SCHOOL GYM ROOM2022-03-08T07:38:54+01:00



This year’s project in Beginners is “EXPLORE, LEARN & GROW”. It is really exciting to explore our surroundings with all our senses. Every day we discover new things inside but also outside of kindergarten. Currently nature holds a lot of surprises in store for us. We’ve noticed with our own eyes

EXPLORE, LEARN & GROW…2022-02-25T07:13:15+01:00

Attention, attention! It is time for Partizipation


Come and join our children’s parliament, you will be surprised what it is all about. In our children’s parliament we talk about current topics the children are interested in, what the children have experienced recently, how the felt about specific events, anything that is on their mind. Our goals with the

Attention, attention! It is time for Partizipation2022-02-15T08:22:34+01:00

Group Day


This year, we in the morning team group have begun with our weekly „group day“ routine. During group day, the children are offered activities in small groups suitable to their age and developmental level. These activities are designed to interest and challenge the children and are different every week! The older

Group Day2022-01-11T07:29:12+01:00

Christmas times are coming soon


Christmas times are coming soon so more often Christmas Carrols can be heard out of ATG's room. Why is it special? As an international group , the members are coming from eight different countries as well as being surrounded by different cultural traditions and in spite of this fact we light

Christmas times are coming soon2021-12-27T08:49:32+01:00
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