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Christmas times are coming soon


Christmas times are coming soon so more often Christmas Carrols can be heard out of ATG's room. Why is it special? As an international group , the members are coming from eight different countries as well as being surrounded by different cultural traditions and in spite of this fact we light

Christmas times are coming soon2021-12-27T08:49:32+01:00

The ATG Concept


As an international group it´s nice to get to know each other a little better, to learn new and interesting things about each other’s culture, family and interest. The ATG is a unique mix of Aunties and children from all over world, and how cool is it that we get to

The ATG Concept2021-07-05T07:00:30+02:00

Special Day in Middlegroup


The Middle group children had their special day this month where they were able to listen to different instruments played by the Aunties, We sang along to the Ukulele and we also listened to the Ocarina which is an Italian instrument. We played guess the song, where the Aunties played a

Special Day in Middlegroup2021-03-23T13:04:39+01:00



In Advanced we are busy with our “OCEAN PROJECT”. We have already learned a lot about the ocean and its treasures, yet we always find more interesting things to explore.Currently it is all about CRABS and their special features and skills. And you can take our word for it, they are!It was

OCEAN PROJECT: “CRABS”2021-03-16T08:21:14+01:00

Colour Themed Week


In Beginners we had a colour themed week, were we did some painting together and learned about all the various colours and shapes. We also sang the Rainbow song from one of our Playschool CD’s and read the story from the book „Pink is for boys“. This story taught us that

Colour Themed Week2021-02-25T13:53:03+01:00



The Afternoon Team Group children and aunties are not letting the coronavirus stop us from exploring different countries and we’ve been travelling all around the world without leaving the playschool once!!Our „all about me“ project has already taken us to Austria, Romania and China and we can’t wait for the next stops…India,

ALL ABOUT ME…2020-12-03T09:45:54+01:00



The Advanced group made the most of the lovely weather and went on a fieldtrip to the Botanical garden. We saw exotic flowers, quirky trees, prickly cactus, fish & even a turtle.After a lot of walking and exploring we had a well-deserved and yummy picnic.Due the current Corona situation we did not

EXPLORING THE OUTDOORS…2020-09-29T07:09:41+02:00

Kinder helfen Kinder


Im Dezember haben die Kinder Kekse für unser weihnachtliches Playschool Singing gebacken und bekamen dabei tatkräftige Unterstützung einiger Mütter. Wir freuen uns, dass wir nun den Erlös aus dem Keksverkauf an den Verein Kinderhände übergeben durften! Der Verein unterstützt Familien von Kindern mit Handfehlbildungen. Wir bedanken uns ganz herzlich bei Frau

Kinder helfen Kinder2020-06-25T14:18:59+02:00

Playschool Happy News 28


Hi Everyone! Hope you are all keeping well. Ella and I have been busy again with numbers!   We use our Number jar lot´s!  Ella made a number poster by taking numbers from the Number jar, writing them and displaying them!                              

Playschool Happy News 282020-04-27T13:46:06+02:00

Playschool Happy News 27


Try this game….     You need:  Muffin tin, paper, beads or pasta shapes, tweezers (optional)   Preparation: Write numbers, dots or both onto your paper Fill 6 of the holes in the muffin tin with the numbers Fill the other 6 holes with your beads or pasta shapes   Let´s play!

Playschool Happy News 272020-04-24T09:45:03+02:00
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