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Children Helping Children


The children were busy baking biscuits, back in December with the help of some of our Playschool mums. The biscuits were sold at our Christmas singing event and the money raised was recently donated to the Verein Kinderhände (hand club). The club is a support group for families with children who

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Playschool Happy News 28


Hi Everyone! Hope you are all keeping well. Ella and I have been busy again with numbers!   We use our Number jar lot´s!  Ella made a number poster by taking numbers from the Number jar, writing them and displaying them!                              

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Playschool Happy News 27


Try this game….     You need:  Muffin tin, paper, beads or pasta shapes, tweezers (optional)   Preparation: Write numbers, dots or both onto your paper Fill 6 of the holes in the muffin tin with the numbers Fill the other 6 holes with your beads or pasta shapes   Let´s play!

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Playschool Happy News 26


Hi everyone! Let’s get musical!!! Here are some games for you all to try, with music……. Moving and grooving Just choose some favourite music and have a mini disco at home! Musical statues Dance along and freeze, when the music stops! Yoga pose Dance along and show off a Yoga pose when

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Playschool Happy News 25


Dear Parents and children,   Have fun with Yoga, our number jar, some ideas to help in the kitchen with making a Schnitzel and these lunch or snack rhymes.   Als kleines Ritual vor dem Mittagessen oder der Jause kann auch einmal ein Reim/ Lied als Einstieg gesungen oder aufgesagt werden.

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Playschool Happy News 24


Hello everyone, and welcome to Tuesday’s newsletter. Today is all about side breathing, lying on our sides and bringing our awareness to the ribs expanding and contracting with our breath. Just taking a few moments to tune into this, is a wonderful exercise, that’s fast and simple, yet effective. Let’s begin!

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Playschool Happy News 23


Hello Parents! Hello Children! Ella was busy at the weekend making ´hedge post` to give to the neighbours! Her and her friend next door created pictures for each other and posted them through the hedge into each other’s gardens. I thought it was a lovely idea and wanted to share it

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Playschool Happy News 22


Ella and I collected some “treasures” like twigs, stones, sticks and bark. We then needed to find something to do with these things, so we decided to make a forest!   Firstly, we made some salt dough:   2 cups of flour, 1 cup of salt and some water ………..We kneaded and rolled

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Playschool Happy News 21


Hello parents, how is everyone today? I hope that everyone had a lovely Easter break with lots of love.  Today I’ve an exercise that helps the little ones develop their awareness abilities, improving their mind to body connection. It`s super easy, just pop on some relaxing music and have the children

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Playschool Happy News 20


Hello everyone! Hope you all have enjoyed the Easter break. We had a lovely week and fortunately the weather was on our side! During the Easter break, we had an exciting time with our ´idea Jar`. Each day, Ella pulled out 2 papers from the jar, and these would be our

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