As an international group it´s nice to get to know each other a little better, to learn new and interesting things about each other’s culture, family and interest. The ATG is a unique mix of Aunties and children from all over world, and how cool is it that we get to teach each other about our beautiful differences and our wonderful uniqueness. We have children and Aunties from Hungry, Holland, Austria, Ireland Bosnia and Romania! What an interesting mix! As a result of our international group, some of our children and Aunties are bilingual, meaning we even get to learn cool new words like, viszontlátásra, cómo estás and Dankje! How cool!  However, there is more! We not only learn cool new international words, we also try new international food! We enjoy eating sushi with chopsticks, trying some Burek and even baking some Pogasa from Hungry!

The ATG concept is All About Me, our project, and it takes us to many different places, and gives the children their own platform to teach us something. Each child has a turn at being the child of the week, and they get to create a poster with their family that expresses their uniqueness. The children then get the opportunity to be the Aunty, showing us their poster and teaching us many new things.  We have seen so many wonderful posters from the kids, showing us their family, friends, their favourite toys, their country, their favourite food and much more!  So, from the ATG, Goodbye, Slan, Zbogom, Adios and Auf Wiedersehen!!

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