Hello parents, hope you are all ready for some fun yoga games for you and your little ones. Today let’s dance! This is a really fun game that the children love and so will you. All you need is some music and have a few of your favourite yoga poses in mind.

  • Play the music
  • Have someone as the designated DJ
  • Pause music
  • When the music is paused freeze into a yoga pose
  • Keep still, try not to move
  • First one to move is out!

This game will loosen you up and get those feel good hormones racing around our bodies. This is so simple yet produces so much fun, the kids love to show off, not only their yoga skills, but also their dance moves!

So, put on some music and get dancing! Here are a few yoga poses that you can do while you’re on pause.

  1. Side Tree pose
  2. Cat
  3. Yoga squat
  4. Downward dog
  5. Cobra
  6. Side hips
  7. Happy baby
  8. Pigeon
  9. Cow
  10. Warrior pose

Enjoy this game and have a lovely day.










Ella had a playdate yesterday…. with herself!  Solo play is very important for children, see below for the benefits of solo play.

Here are a few photos from Ella´s playdate!

Gym with dolly, water colour painting

Weaving, dressing dolly

Reasons for playing alone:

  • Teaches independence
  • Calming for children
  • Promotes imagination
  • Children become better learners
  • Builds self-confidence


Getting started:

  • For younger children have a box with special toys that you know your child loves
  • Start off by exploring the toys together then, during play gradually interact less and less
  • Once your child is ´busy`, stay in the room, but start your own activity
  • Stay close by to keep the connection, commenting and giving praise
  • Extend the time on this independent play a few minutes each day, until it becomes part of your child’s routine.

Have fun with your own activities!

Keep calm and play on…. solo!

We are very busy today, helping Mummy & Daddy… Gärtnern, Einkaufsliste schreiben, Wäsche waschen,…

Keep calm and play on…