Dear Parents,

Yeah… we managed Week 1!!!!

Wir wünschen euch allen ein schönes Wochenende und hoffen, dass  ihr die 2 Tage, ganz ohne Home- Office & Home-Schooling mit euren Lieben verbringen könnt 😊.

Heute ist Indoor- Programm angesagt. Wir haben wie immer ein paar Ideen für euch gesammelt!

Wie geht es eurer Kresse? Unsere ist heute bereit zum Ernten… Habt ihr schon unsere Backrezepte oder unsere Spielideen und Yogaübungen ausprobiert?

Keep calm and play on…

Wir melden uns am Montag wieder zurück mit neuen Ideen!

#strongertogether …. Stay healthy !!!

Ella and I were very active yesterday as the weather was so lovely. However, the weather forecast for the weekend is not looking so great so I´m going to add some rainy-day activities today. But first, here’s our lovely weather activity!

Obstacle course

  • Set up equipment such as cushions, buckets, skipping ropes to jump over or to balance along. The children will probably have their own ideas!
  • Set a task for example 5 turns at each activity….5 jumping jacks, 5 jumps over the rope etc.
  • Time the children and try to get faster!
  • Join in and compete against each other!
  • Make a video 😉


Rainy day activities

Squishy Bags

  • You need a zip lock bag, flour, water and food colouring, sticky tape, a mixing bowl
  • Place the flour into a bowl and add food colouring
  • Now add water
  • Mix well with a spoon
  • Scoop the mixture into a zip lock bag
  • Place on a flat surface and push out excess air
  • Seal the bag
  • Place sticky tape along the opening to secure the opening


  • Attach the bag to a window (windows must be CLOSED!) or to a glass panelled door (door must be CLOSED!)
  • Or simply keep in on a flat surface, table or floor
  • Use your fingers or a cotton bud to write names, letters and shapes.
  • Explore and watch what happens as you squash, squeeze press etc.
  • Have fun!

Balance line

  • This can be done indoors or out
  • Stick coloured tape or masking tape on the floor
  • Create straight lines, zig zags, shapes etc
  • The children may balance along the lines
  • Set challenges!
  • Walk along the line whilst holding a balloon between your legs!
  • Balance an egg (hard boiled or plastic) on a spoon whilst walking along!
  • Walk on tip toes, walk backwards etc.

Peg Sorting

  • Sort pegs in order of colour or size
  • Build peg sculptures

Wishing you all a lovely activity filled weekend!

Hello everyone! I hope you are all getting something from these daily newsletters, at the least a little sense of comfort and encouragement. If you are trying the exercises at home the aunties would love to see them, so feel free to take a picture and send it to us at the playschool. With these photos I could make a photo collage and send it with the daily newsletter. Drawing some inspiration from each other’s photos and gaining a sense of team spirit, that we are all in this together. For today I have a cool little 5-minute experiment! It is called feeling sounds through the back! The little ones will find this exercise both interesting and very funny! Hopefully this exercise will produce some laughs for you and your little ones and right now laughter is what our soul needs. Laughter is so good for us, the benefits are endless, and it actually strengthens our immune systems!

Let’s Begin!

  • Sit back to back with your little one
  • The rest of the family can join in
  • Everyone pairs up
  • One partner makes a sound,
  • The one who makes the sound then asks their partner where in their back did they feel the sound or did they at all
  • The other partner then has their turn and makes a sound and ask where their partner felt it
  • Now let’s get silly
  • Make the sounds as weird and funny as possible
  • Sing, sing in a low voice then in a high pitch voice and make it sound awful and funny!

Do the sounds feel different?  Can they be felt in the same area, or do they resonate in different places? This exercise is all about exploring these questions. It is a lovely exercise that provides a sense of connection and intimacy with our little ones.


Sarah Louise

Keep calm and play on!

Your Playschool Team