Since Mother’s Day has passed we – the Afternoon team group – are pleased to finally be able to share how hard we have been working on our Mother’s Day gifts! The children were hard at work making the perfect hand printed cards and preparing a delicious smelling body scrub.

For many occasions the children are able to make their own crafts which they may take home and share with their families! Each craft has certain challenges that help them improve their fine motor skills. We try to vary the activities so that each skill can be improved and practiced (cutting, pasting, painting, printing).

As well as getting to do fun arts & crafts activities, we also incorporate projects and tasks where the kids can bake and prepare gifts in the kitchen! For example, for Christmas the children were able to make cookies for their families, which included mixing, pouring, and decorating. For Mother’s Day the children were busy preparing a lemon body scrub! This activity helped them practice pouring, slicing, measuring, and mixing.

We hope the mommies enjoyed their homemade scrubs and their cards made with lots of love!

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